She’s a DJ. Producer. Promoter. Record label head. Environmental activist. Serial Collaborator. Spiritual seeker. Brand boss. And just about everything in-between.


But as relentless as this elite track selector has been since the turn of millennium, she doesn’t want to rule the world. She is, however, determined to change it for the better. How? By continuing to spread positive vibes on the dancefloor and ultimately by doing what’s right by nature.


Engendering positivity on the dancefloor means creating and sharing uplifting underground music defined by the spirit rousing principles of esotericism. Underpinned by a natural heartbeat born of real instrumentation, the rhythmic spell BLOND:ISH weaves is designed to heighten your senses, and open your heart. 


Raving the right way also necessitates doing what’s right by nature. And doing what’s right by nature means connecting with Bye Bye Plastic, a fully coordinated movement launched by BLOND:ISH in 2018, aimed at persuading party hubs across the planet to quit using single-use plastics.


Together, these core values represent the central pillars on which the BLOND:ISH mantra is raised. We’re talking about a pledge to promote positive house and techno music, using fun, and oftentimes supernatural frequencies to excite and awaken ravers who care enough to dance and also care enough to think. Pitched alongside a declaration to replace single-use plastic products with more sustainable alternatives, the BLOND:ISH mission is as beautiful as it is potent.


You’ll find BLOND:ISH championing her inspirational ethos on the world’s most illustrious club stages. Milestone performances at industry-defining events such as Burning Man and Coachella allow her to take thousands of fans, old and new, on festival-sized journeys. While her long-standing association with the electronic music scenes in both Tulum and Mykonos satiate her love for playing sunrise sets beside the sea. BLOND:ISH is also a regular headliner on the sun-drenched party island of Ibiza, where she is set to launch a new weekly party residency, called Human Nature, in 2021. 


When it comes to publishing tunes, BLOND:ISH is a serial collaborator across numerous genres. She’s released an album on Kompakt and multiple kick-ass club cuts on Get Physical. A handful of trippy tech offerings on Warung. And even a nostalgic 80s synth rework of Foreigner on SPINNIN’ DEEP. Her own ABRACADABRA Music label is more shamanic in pitch and tone, focusing on melodic afro house sounds and somewhat obscure psychedelic techno artists who are in the habit of inducing altered states afterdark.


Away from the dancefloor, BLOND:ISH and her ABRACADABRA TV network are currently changing the way we think about Twitch, the live streaming platform originally championed by gamers, which is currently being appropriated by the savviest members of the global DJ elite. These live streams give BLOND:ISH an opportunity to reach out and connect with her fanbase when they need her most. It’s a chance for BLOND:ISH to share her inspirational vision of how life on earth might look and sound if the world stopped operating like a monopolising corporation and decided, instead, to allow small tribal communities with sustainable ideals to develop organically from the ground up. 


Before that change comes – and it is coming – electronic dance music promoters, producers and artists are going to have to adapt to the countless culture shocks that accompany a transition between ages. In addition to dropping hot records, DJs must become beacons of light for underground music fanatics seeking hope in weird times. This weight of expectation is something BLOND:ISH accepts and understands empirically. Why? Because she’s been inspiring ravers to think, act and engage the world in a more conscious manner since day one.


And yet beneath it all – the expert track selections, the activism and let’s not forget that crazy hair bun – BLOND:ISH is just a little blonde girl from Canada with a big heart. And when it comes to affecting positive change, she knows intuitively that music is the answer.





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